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Building Better Health

Practical Nutritional Consulting


The roots of our health are in our digestive system.

Here at Solora, we collaborate with you,​ the client, to improve your health through nutrition and where necessary, we may utilise adjunctive supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and other orthomolecular nutrients.

Getting to know you and your history is an important part of the process as it often contributes to your symptoms.

Using the functional medicine model to plot the details, we work to determine how and when your illness started, seeking out the root cause and then we use this information as a springboard to wellness.

Nutritional Therapists take into account unique dietary needs and are trained to provide advice around optimising your personal health. NTs recognise individual biochemical differences thus avoiding the 'one drug/protocol fits all' model often employed by allopathic practitioners. 

We will work together on your journey to get well and stay well. Additionally we can work to optimize health for those who are seeking to live a fuller life for longer. If this sounds like something you can benefit from, do get in touch.

What We Do
Why Naturopathy

Why Nutritional Therapy?

It can help with


Dietary habits have a profound effect on shaping the gut microbiome...

Fatigue / Fibromyalgia / ME

Receiving a diagnosis or ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can feel like a life sentence. There is no agreement...


Chronic heavy metal exposure is common, as is exposure to household or work-related...

Women's Health

Nutritional medicine is a very effective treatment option for women’s health complications. PCOS, endometriosis, cycle regulation, acne and anaemia are just...

Weight Loss

A healthy weight is so much more than a number on the scales, being a ‘size’...


Overwhelmed and anxious? Naturopathic nutritional therapy employs a combination of dietary changes nutritional...


“I meant to message you last night to say Thanks! - it was an unbelievable experience to have someone go through everything. I’ve placed my orders for supplements and I’m including everyone in the family in my plan!
I was exhausted last night - so I can imagine you were too. You ladies put so much effort into each client. It was an amazing experience and I’ll be recommending a nutritional practitioner to everyone”.

— Donna, Belfast


Tailored Nutritional Therapy

We take extensive notes in clinic to provide you with tailored, accurate, evidence-based, effective nutrition and lifestyle planning. The plan, which is generated according to needs identified in your personal account of current and past health is delivered to you during a secondary consultation. A follow-up is advised 2-6 weeks post-plan implementation.


Biochemistry Blood Tests


Results are given immediately


Glucose                  £15

Uric Acid                £15

Haemoglobin         £15

Total Cholesterol  £15

Excercise Prescription

As a former personal trainer qualified through the prestigious Premier Global I can provide you with tailored exercise or movement prescription as part of your plan. We have some equipment in clinic which can provide relief from back pain and sciatica.


Disease or ill health is usually not caused by a single factor, it is a build-up of stressors over time that interfere with our body’s natural healing mechanism. Bioresonance helps us to determine those interferences by identifying the frequency signatures of your unique stressors. It is an effective tool to help us get to the root of your health challenges, rather than just address your symptoms.


Your Health Starts Here

Consultation fee: £150
Follow Up: £100

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Contact Info


078 6121 9371

Synergy Holistic, Cregagh Road, Belfast, BT6 9EW

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