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Fight Back Better!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

It is important as we move toward the upcoming colder season that we rejuvenate the immune system and increase resilience to viral illness.

Optimizing metabolic health and nutritional status are both critical for viral defence which became evident in the elevated numbers of those who were harmed in recent times as a result of having co-morbid illnesses.

Personalised lifestyle medicine including dietary modification can readily enhance your own immune surveillance by improving mitochondrial function and up-regulating autophagy, which is where stronger and more resilient immune cells take the place of damaged cells.

How much vitamin C? Should you take a probiotic? What is the best anti-viral? And how much should you take? Here at Solora Holistic, we can provide you with the tools you need to navigate the plethora of information available. We will share effective protocols which you can apply in order to benefit yourself and your family and provide some added insurance against ‘flu’s and colds.

If you think you need direction or support in ways to achieve this, please contact us at Solora Holistic for a 15 minute discovery call.

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