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long              covid

Long covid, aka Long Haul Covid Syndrome presents as a diverse set of symptoms characterized by extreme fatigue, headaches, anxiety, sleep difficulties, hair loss, altered smell, reduced appetite, joint pain, shortness of breath, angina and cognitive issues.
The syndrome shares features with vaccine-injured people and both disorders are considered ‘spikopathy’ or toxicity from the spike protein.

To complicate this issue further, many long COVID patients are vaccinated, and the symptomatology of vaccine-injured patients is often exacerbated by an acute COVID-19 infection.

The good news is that the overlap in symptoms means that protocols are similar. Naturally, there will be some variation in therapy depending on the individual presentations. 

Here at Solora, we draw on FLCCC protocols as well as adopting newer, natural therapies that act like medicines such as Micro-immunotherapy or low dose medicine.

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