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Chronic heavy metal exposure is common, as is exposure to household or work-related toxins such as molds. Ingesting contaminated food, drink or air over a period of time has a cumulative effect on the body. Initially, small amounts of poison build up in your body over time which can then lead to illness.

If you experience some of the following symptoms and suspect toxicity, we can test for exposure using bio-resonance technology:

   •    Fatigue, chronic fatigue
   •    Brain fog or difficulty concentrating
   •    Tingling in hands/feet
   •    Depression or nervousness
   •    Skin rashes
   •    Diarrhoea, bloating, abdominal pain
   •    Moodiness
   •    Sleep issues
   •    Changes in or loss of hearing, taste or vision
   •    Shortness of breath, racing heart or pulse
   •    Weakness, joint pain, headaches

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