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Protect yourself against flu this coming winter

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

If you prefer to have an added layer of protection this winter season, please do get in touch to pre-order your year's supply of Polyinfluenzinum for you and your family. Here at SOLORA.holistic we will be ordering a small supply. The cut off to order is 30th August and you can place your order by emailing or message us at 07861219371. The price for the annual supply is £40. Translated, Polyinfluenzinum means ‘multiple flu'. This homoeopathic product, made by a specialist German pharmacy, includes more than 200 energetic imprints of flu viruses (or other virus related to the flu), including this season's strains. It works by gently priming the immune system with a gentle ‘wake-up call’ that a virus may be about to attack and acts against any similar frequencies/viruses it comes across as well. In essence, Polyinfluenzinum can help protect against all strains of flu as it is developed from a 'soup' of many strains.

Polyinfluenzinum contains all the worldwide strains of the flu virus right back from 1975 through to the most recent strains potentised to 200K.

Please see the following link for information and last year’s strains list. This year’s additional strains will be published shortly.

It has all the strains that are in the current allopathic vaccine and many more (the allopathic vaccine contains three or four selected strains each year).

They come in packs of ten capsules containing small granules.

There was a comparative study of this remedy performed in the Netherlands in 2013, if this is study is of interest please see this link: There are sufficient capsules to treat two people for one year.

  • How to take it. Open up one capsule and let the granules dissolve under the tongue on day 1, then another ten days later and then one every 6 weeks for the remainder of the year (effectively a full year’s course).

  • Is it safe? Polyinfluenzinum is completely safe and toxin free.

  • How To Buy. SOLORA.holistic has been given an extention and will be placing an order before 30th August. There is only a certain amount of this remedy made each year and only a portion of that comes to the UK so it really is a case of when it's gone it's gone! Pre-payment is required. Please email

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