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Why Do Men Visit Healthcare Less Than Women?

Earlier this week, one of my colleagues suggested a consultation here at Solora to a gentleman who is feeling poorly and suffering from low energy.

It is touch and go whether this will result in an actual appointment as I note that 80% of our clients are women. More often than not, the males who do attend clinic are there at the behest of their female counterpart.

Healthline recently ran an article regarding men and their approach (or lack therof) to self-care. Mike Gnitecki is a firefighter and paramedic who reported that he experiences male patients who initially refuse transport to the hospital even while in the middle of an active heart attack. He indicates that they ‘don’t want to bother the doctor’ and feel that they will just improve without help.

It is suggested in the piece that this attitude is fear-based and that men do not like to feel vulnerable. Even so, it is worth encouraging our men-folk to seek some guidance on health matters as early intervention can prevent serious consequences. For example, if high blood pressure is monitored and managed, risk of stroke and heard disease is less. Permanent damage to nerves due to consistently high blood sugar may eventually result in amputation or loss of sight. This is avoidable with proper blood glucose management.

Diet and lifestyle modification is our speciality. We use bioresonance scanning at here Solora Holistic to identify factors which may require attention. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of health and wellness whether you are male or female!

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